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Shows how he is lightyears ahead of us mere mortals. Where did he say that? Dunno but its funny! Kenny very fair comments there mate, astonishing success rate topped of course by the common. Runs Water:.

Burghfield beautiful thick woman seeking black women

Be honest Darren, we all stood on the sling when you weighed that ugly common:lol:. Agreed, last i heard, some time ago now, he had over 70 fish and had also lost the common sometime ago Amen to that.

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Tried but the light came on. Ended up coming away with potato skins il swap you some potatoe skins for 1 of his toe nail clippings! Ended up coming away with potato skins i have got some brown y fronts that i mate of a mate who fished the same lake as hearnys muckers mate. Ended up coming away with potato skins Dean, your humour does make me chuckle!

One would hazard a guess at Matt Nice to see you back tcp :. Pics and full story in next week's AT. Lucky enough to have seen the pics - what a fish.

Burghfield beautiful thick woman seeking black women

Your meant to be a bailiff, stop rumour mongering Pmsl:p. I heard bblack from a reliable source that he caught it on a crab line and chinned it out with a gaff I've heard he jumped in and wrestled it, Crocodile Dundee style. In just a pair of ESP pants. From a reliable source. First convo - He must of been using tow rope blqck fish that swim Second - My mate said he would of needed 50lb line to get one out of there Third convo - He was using 50lb line to get it out.

Add the internet and is just gets worse. It's all heresay. Incredible watercraft, as he's spent a total of 17 days up the tree this year, dropping bait onto the spot and holding his elbow in the burghfielf position the whole time he was watching the swim. The rumours that he trout-tickled it out are simply untrue.

Lol what Bollox's, sells tickets though! Can you smell what Terry Hearn is cooking?

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Easy now Can someone please help me with a vital piece of info that seems to be missing from these s? What kettle has he been using?

Just had a right old giggle reading about nick hellier getting tick from the kiddies forum over this one. Mind you he did come out with some numpty comments IMO. Im a bit disappointed in Angling Times, only a minor report and an average picture of this historic capture. Tel has been with them for a long time, i was at least expecting a couple of shots of the great fish and a full of the capture. But in the pic it does look awesome, so burgjfield.

Cooperman, The full monty on Terry's capture, front cover, full story etc in CT tomorrow. Understand your grievances with the AT coverage boys. Part of the problem lies with the fact that Tel wants to keep the best pics ie: returners etc for his next book. In any case, we were unable to publish them the returners, which are awesome That and the fact he is very difficult to get hold of at times - especially when he's caught such an important fish!

Fair points though Coops. I can see why you think that. Is tel carrying on with carp or is he spending sometime for other species? Its on the AT website - immense.

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It's called ' I Dream of 50lb Commons'. Good Dangling Mr Hearn, Well deserved capture regardless of weight. What swim? What bait? Best rig to catch it?

Heading down there soon you see and wouldnt mind having a go? Wait 'til it's over 50lb. Always risky dropping one in the edge Bloody commons well known for ruining a nicely set margin trap. Hell of a capture Sheer comedy but rather tragic at the same time from thock inventor of the dynamite stick. EELS xx. I been told he's going to fish my local club lake next. I've proven the htick in there to be uncatchable.

Been a long time coming. His sheer determination is incredible, as he must have been thinking that this common just wasnt going to show its face. Well done to TH for being so persistent and keep wpmen, I for one would have given up a long time ago. I dont think Nicks comments were bad at all really.

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Like he says, alot of guys with shiny tackle, thinking they know what they are talking about when actually they know nothing. See them all the time fishing the thames, makes you wonder how they catch anything at all!!! Either way i'm not really sure how it justified a ban unless there was something else going on that I missed, its his opinion and stirred up a good old bit of interest which is what forums are all about.

Rob - There were a of posts that he deleted that may have been OTT. Sounds like the straw that broke the camel's back. Then you will get some people that actually know what they are talking about and are slagged off by the others. I know very little about carp fishing to burghfielld honest, but then I dont pretend to know. I could however teach thhick anything you would care to fhick about pike fishing.

There are always people who wont accept they know very little, normally when they are being spoken to by people who do know what they are talking about. Just one of them things really, and one of the main problems with public forums is that everything is done over the computer so it is very easy to take peoples comments the wrong way. I did a beginners guide to pike fishing for another forum i belong to, one guy ripped the post apart for days it took me a week of photos and writing top put together saying that everything I did was wrong, my alarm set ups, rigs etc.

Just because it wasnt how he did things. It resulted in me removing the post as it turned into this guy slagging me off for weeks in the end. All just because I did things differently to him and he wouldnt accept that. The big common has just been out!!!

What does my burghfield common, berkshire kitchen deer need to know?

Carp Talk?? Isnt that now just full of boring pictures French 60's?? That was a laugh Even beautuful most of Searchers posts have been deleted I'd love to know what your last deleted message read Apples Im sure it was a good-un :. Im sure it was a good-un : hell yeah, what a laugh that thre like a violent primary school food fight:lol: always known he was a jerk, his beaufiful just put the iceing on the cake tit:nuts:. To late, I missed the majority of the comments as they appear to have been deleted!!

Nice kipper Tel, silly grins for weeks! Do me a favour and keep out of the valley though, I haven't seeeking yet. Fair play, Best fish out there one of many. LOL ya that it!!!

What a carp!! Home grown,stunning and has plenty of history every angler i feel envys those who have caught her. Thats coz I took it! Hope your around when I eventully get one out the CP then :thumbs: Yea right who are you kidding!

But they just seem to gang up on you on there! Its a pathetic excuse of a forum where the looks of your tackle seem to mean more to people than catching carp. Basically he said that Nigel and terry's capture of the common were the only credible ones Demon replied and rightly so. I find nicks attitude in his writing sseking a bit derogatory to us "lesser mortals" which I also seekinb offencive, and cant tgick how he has "made it" in the carp world with that sseking.

I wasnt agreeing with that mate I would not take anything away from anyone who has had it! I was agreeing with the argument he had with a chap on there thinking that blackk would be able to take it on when he obviously wasnt experienced enough! How do you know that lad he was talking to isn't experienced enough? Do you have the slightest idea what fish he has caught before? Nick didn't actually say that Wes wasn't experienced enough he said that his plan of fishing a lake like that when you live miles away and can only fish weekends is rediculous.

Those were not the comments he got grief over anyway, it was thkck that Demon, Apples and Malcom Tab's captures of the fish were lucky punts and not deserved that caused the storm in a tea cup. Dont forget dans capture either rich ; quite frankly that thread showed most of the bad points of internet forums Well said sir. Zoom in Korea : " an online resource that progressive minded individuals and groups interested in Korean issues as well burhhfield other U.

By Staff, Nobelwomensinitiative. A Korean Peninsula free of nuclear weapons will only be achieved through genuine engagement, constructive dialogue, and mutual cooperation. We issue the following recommendations to the Foreign Ministers participating in the January 16 Summit on Security and Stability in the Korean Peninsula:. Working for peace on the Korean Peninsula.

From TomDispatch. In revenge for the deaths seekinh 2, civilians that day, real people -- in the millions -- have died and millions more have become refugees. But is the war on terror actually a war at all -- or is it only a metaphor? The share of world military expenditure of the 15 states with the highest expenditure in Our work for peace at home and abroad is needed more than ever.

We must together with communities in struggle and grow a culture of peace and love.

Memories of a protest

There are many lessons to be learned, and we cannot afford to live in anger and fear. Obama visits Blak while modernizing US nuclear arsenals. Gender and disarmament an excellent brief research paper with notes and resources, from Reaching Critical Willa project of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom:. By consequence, much of the discussion on disarmament perpetuates the highly problematic gender constructions of men who are violent and powerful and women that are vulnerable and need to be protected.

Gender perspectives in disarmament, peace, and security must be about exposing and challenging this state of affairs, not bhrghfield including more women in the existing systems of structural inequalities burfhfield violent masculinities. We know now what we knew then, thifk only when we analyse conflict from a gender perspective, integrating disarmament, human rights, the environment, social justice, and the women, peace and security agenda holistically will we be able to eradicate the root causes of conflict.

Published on September 17, by Common Dreams. Its creation fostered decades of Cold War, its continued existence has perpetuated armed conflicts and wars, and its intention is clearly to blacl long-term worldwide control by the USA and its allies in the interests of global corporate capital. Read the women's statement here. August is the anniversary of the first use of atomic power as a weapon. Nuclear weapons still sdeking as a threat, and nuclear power as a dangerous reality.

Read a commentary by H. Phyllis Bennis reports: Stay up to date on events in the Middle East with Phyllis Bennis ' free newsletter delivered x a month. The project "works primarily on Middle East and United Nations issues.

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In the Middle East, the key focus areas are the U. In both arenas the project focuses on education and activism aiming to change the failed and failing U. The project also works to challenge U. Amy Goodman asks: "Amira Hass, can you talk about this latest development, the Egyptian proposal for a ceasefire, Israel accepting it, Hamas is weighing it? Everybody knows that the nlack of Egypt right now is an enemy of Hamas, an enemy of the Muslim Brothers.

And they feel humiliated, and they feel that it is not meant to bring progress and change for the Palestinians in Gaza, but to further marginalize them as a bpack, as a political movement. Read full interview here. For valuable background information on The U. Or see the TUC website under newest programs scroll down. Part 3 of the series features: Alison Weir, president of the Council for the National Interest, created by ambassadors and former Congressmen inand executive director of If Americans Knew.

The Global Drones Watch site provides useful information about drones, and encourages people to become active in efforts burghfild stop killer drones overseas and stop domestic drones from violating our privacy and safety. See 5. Check out photos bit.

Burghfield beautiful thick woman seeking black women

Writers will invoke highlights in women's campaigning history and shape up future feminist strategies to outlaw war and root out its causes. In Japan and around the world, the 68th anniversary of the first use of atomic power against human beings will be remembered. Hiroshima on August 6th, Nagasaki on August 9th - a call woomen end neautiful atomic age.

Kiyomi Iguro and Mr. Read the interview. And Women and the Bomb. We translated this important statement from the original French in Novemberbut the position taken is still of importance in a period of open warfare, as in Read full text here. In her Sept. How will we pay for it while our economy is still struggling? Many empires have fallen after overextending their military forces and spending down their resources. The United States, too, burghfeild that risk. By reinventing our military to defend the United States, rather than to project force abroad, and by putting veterans to work doing jobs that owmen needed here at home, we could rebuild our country and our economy, and rein in spending.

When combined with educational programs to retrain military personnel for work in other sectors, channeling military money into other parts of the economy means more, not fewer, jobs. An international womsn of peace activists will take a stand against warfare in outer space. Click on the graphic for more information.

Reaching Critical Will works for nuclear disarmament, seking reduction of global military spending, and the demilitarization of politics and economics in order to achieve human security and social, economic, and environmental justice. Women in Black say No to Nato. Report and more photos: Profit war no more!

A Memorial weekend photo essay beautlful by Mabel Leon. International domination is reinforced through NATO, traffic in weapons and control of information. This crisis is developing like a psychological war that is gripping the civil population. This 24th day of May we affirm our confidence in dialogue, justice and nonviolence as a path to understanding among peoples.

Translation, 11 March press release on demonstrations. Background press release. The impact burghfiepd — conducted a decade after the adoption of landmark Security Council resolution on women and peace and security, the first to address the specific impacts of conflict on women and call for women's engagement in byrghfield processes — reports a mixed record on the overall contribution of UN peacekeeping to the implementation of the resolution.

Check the link list of "friends" on the opening. Women in Black beautifl a world-wide network of women committed to peace with justice and actively opposed to injustice, war, militarism and other forms of violence. Women Living Under Muslim Laws : an international solidarity network that provides information, support and a collective space for women whose lives are shaped, conditioned or governed by laws and customs said to derive from Islam.

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