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Tune in throughout the day as you can for this pro-choice, story sharing event. Supreme Court:. Wade, but it absolutely does not mean the end of abortion. Abortion will never disappear - it has been practiced escorys millenia and will continue - publicly or not - for centuries to come. The far right has stolen yet another seat on the Supreme Court, putting the lives of nearly every American in danger: LGBTQAI people, those who can become pregnant, those with pre-existing medical conditions that need affordable health insurance to survive, and BIPOC families battling systemic racism in every level of society.

But at Yellowhammer we will continue to do everything in our means to protect and advocate for and with our communities until justice is returned to the Judiciary branch again.

Cleveland travel escorts

Did you hear us? We said trzvel. One single clinic for an entire state and they cert They deal with clinic and patient harassment that is more than most of us deal with on a yearly basis. But they do it with humor, righteous anger, efficiency, and compassion, because that is who they are. They work tirelessly every got damn day to make sure pregnant folks in their states have access to abortion care.

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They fight the state, their neighbors, and well-connected and -funded fundamental religious networks that escodts nothing more than to take them down. And they do it with fucking aplomb. If you applauded our protest post for getting out there and challenging anti-choicers, do yourself a favor and give the Pinkhouse Defenders a follow. We'll drop a link in the comments to We Engagethe nonprofit they created to challenge abortion stigma and shame and change the narrative on abortion.

We love y'all, Pinkhouse! Thanks for being Day 5 40DaysofIndieClinics. People need to know. Because one in four women will have an abortion.

Cleveland travel escorts

There is a VERY good chance you know someone who has had one. That one in four may be you. And these days, not only women have abortions; non-binary people and trans-men need care as well. We Engage believes letting people know what is happening outside, of clinics, is one of the most important things we can do, next to escorting and defending patients. This behavior by antis is why clinic escorts exist. And guess what - clinic escorts shouldn't exist. Patients shouldn't need escorts to a clinic door because they are fearful of the people outside screaming at them.

We as a culture shouldn't tolerate this behavior from antis, that is why we believe it is important people know this is happening. So we can all work to make it stop. People getting healthcare shouldn't be treated this way. We Engage also works to change the stigmatizing anti-abortion propaganda and falsehoods that antis have been really successful in pushing. Facts matter, but not to antis.

And if that answer is clevelahd, then we all had better start to actively DO something about it — right now. We all need to get engaged in stopping antis on every front. Abortion is normal, it is ok, and it is time we accept that and treat it that way.

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As long as there has been pregnancy, there has been abortion. The reasons that people have abortions are valid, whatever those reasons are, they are personal, and no one owes any explanations to anyone about them. Because abortion is healthcare, there is no reason for the stigma and the shame that the anti-abortion propaganda machine has created around it.

And it is a machine.


The only religion that should impact a person's decision to have an abortion is the religion of the patient who is making the decision. Independent clinics need support too. Check out Abortion Care Network and please donate to them and to independent clinics directly, so they can remain open and ecsorts essential reproductive healthcare.

Cleveland travel escorts

And no clinic should suffer harassment and violence from religious anti-abortion extremists. That is anti-abortion religious propaganda and a form of terrorism. A recent example of this was the Republican Clefeland Convention. SO many speakers were acting as if you are pro-choice, then you are OK with literal infanticide. How do you refute a clevelsnd doctor nun?

These are straight up lies from a nun. Antis are fine with lying every day to further their false narratives. The antis' toxic mix of shame and stigma are escirts cause of so many negative things — people have died because of abortion lies and stigma that antis have created and sold. Part of the antis' power lies in people's fear - fear of being shamed and stigmatized, and we can take that away from them.


We can put an end to the antis' abortion stigma and shame, by refusing to give in to it and stand up for patients and facts. The antis have been the only ones with bullhorns and we have been "shamed" into silence for far too long.

It is time we put a stop to their abuse of patients seeking care. Together, all of our voices can make a big difference.

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But it has to start somewhere. Let it start with you. It's International Lipstick Day! Abortion is healthcare! Lipstick AbortionIsEssential. Today is Abortion Providers Appreciation Day! We celebrate and extend our gratitude to these folks who include doctors, nurses, security, administrative staff, and more.

They dedicate their careers and livelihoods to respecting and honoring the choice of when, how or if to begin a family.

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Abortion is a human right. Full stop. We're building our network of trained volunteers dispatched by our case managers to provide rides for people to their appointments, sit with them in the waiting room if they need support, and provide material clevelajd, like post-abortion care packages, and other supplies to clinics. We're looking for folks who have the privilege of an operational vehicle and valid driver's and want to use them for good!

There will be the opportunity to get reimbursed for gas. We especially need drivers in rural and the far reaches of the state lookin at you, Appalachian Ohiowhere there are no clinics and access has never been guaranteed. Please feel free to share this opportunity with all who believe that people should have access to abortion, no matter their circumstances. Can you us and make a difference for those who need a ride?

Learn more and up by following the link below. Amazing news from Jackson, MI! It has come to our attention that there have recently been incidents of counter-protestors engaging with the anti-choice protestors out front of the clinic, causing increased aggression from all sides. We hope this is something that does not continue. This stance is passed down from the clinic There are plenty of ways to support patients without escalating the already taxing situation that exists for them while trying to access healthcare.

Only 28hours left to go! In the Senate committee, witnesses who support access to safe and legal cpeveland will be testifying. We need YOU to us to show your state senators that you oppose this horrible abortion ban. We are also hearing that there will be the first hearing on a bill requiring burial or cremation for fetal remains on Tuesday.

Can't make it to Columbus? Call your Representatives clevelaand Senators and let them know you oppose anti-abortion legislation. Jump to.

Cleveland travel escorts

Accessibility Help. Log In. Forgot ? Not Now. Information about Insights Data.

Cleveland travel escorts

Ohio Women's Alliance Action Fund was live. December 16 at AM. The People's Hearing is a day of collective storytelling, testimony, healing and more.

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Yellowhammer Fund October Supreme Court: "Amy Cone Happy 40 Days of Strife, thank you to all the clinic defenders out there! Capital Care Clinic Escorts is asking for donations. September Sam V. Martin September

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