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Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. Sspringfield wall of silence from a frightened community hampers efforts to solve a brutal murder; a mother of two is shot execution-style in her kitchen in an affluent neighborhood. Detectives race against time in the critical first hours of investigation to find the evidence escortss to charge two suspects in a brutal murder case; police find a man who's been shot and left for dead, but with no evidence, witnesses or even a name for their victim, the detectives have got their work cut out for them.

An ambitious captain and two veteran detectives face escrots first homicide of the year and must springfiedl deals with wanted drug kingpins to find the killer of a young woman; a female homicide sergeant and her all-male team get a tip that le their murder investigation into a dark subculture of drugs, guns and buried safes.

Detectives investigate a shooting death and must convince a son to give up his father and investigate a murder in an area known for its drug problems.

Sergeant Irma Labrice and Detectives Leon Lubiejewski and Michael Gross don't have much time to find a murder suspect and they don't have much to go on either, as the victim's body was burned beyond recognition; witnesses to the murder refuse to talk to police. Police try to convince the frightened residents of a housing project known as the "Pork and Beans" to help them track down the man who's been terrorizing the community, but after the third murder in a month, no one even calls Employees of an ice rink arrives at work only to find the door ajar and blood all over the floor.

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When the police arrive the overnight employee is ecsorts beaten beyond recognition and the facility robbed. Since who ever did this seemed to have knowledge detectives turn to former employees to start the investigation. In another case a woman walking by a river in Phoenix she's what she believes in a body wrapped in plastic in the water.

Detectives don't have an identity, or crime scene making this a difficult investigation.

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A motorist discovers a man's body alongside the highway with his genitals on fire. The investigation propels detectives on an odyssey through a rowdy world of Texas prostitutes and drugs; when a hard working Mexican migrant supporting his young family is found dead in kn parking ezcorts, detectives can't find a motive. As their investigation deepens, they must navigate a complex web of family ties and loyalties to identify the killer and catch him before he flees the country.

Detectives Sallie Dillian and Cliff Jewell investigate a female skeleton found in the desert. Along with forensic anthropologist Laura Fulginiti, they work to determine who the mystery woman is. At first, they don't even know if she was murdered. But they use the scattered forensic and physical evidence to determine her esclrts and crack the case; an year-old is shot in the head as a party of hundreds of springfiield school students is breaking up. Because the teen is not expected to survive, homicide detectives Sandy Rodriguez and Tom Kulesa are called to the scene.

Witnesses describe the shooter as a black male in a ski mask. In an intriguing development, there is a report of another non-fatal shooting that took place nearby, where the victim also described the shooter as a black male in a ski springtield. Rodriguez and Kulesa must determine if the two events are related, who would have been after the victim and why.

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Homicide detective Mayree Morin and her team of investigators are on their way to work on a sunny eescorts when they are called to a brutal murder scene. A man, shot eecorts least a dozen times assassination-style, straddles a doorway in one of the city's roughest areas. No one in the vicinity saw anything, but detectives quickly learn that an ongoing war over drug turf has recently paralyzed phhx neighborhood. With just hours to work with, Morin's team must move fast to land a suspect before the killer slips away; the son of a celebrated neurosurgeon is discovered near dawn, shot to death along the railroad tracks in the Overtown neighborhood.

The investigation le straight-talking veteran escprts Ervens Ford and his wise-ass rookie partner Kevin Ruggiero down a shady path of halfway houses, strip clubs, and misguided wealth. The pressure is on as the detectives meticulously backtrack the victim's last steps, trying to nail down a solid lead before their trail runs cold. Hours after a jealous stripper vows revenge, her two-timing boyfriend is shot and killed.

But despite a motive, the girlfriend is not the shooter and it's up to Detective Tom Kulesa to unravel the mystery; when a young father is dragged screaming from his bed in sprongfield middle of the night and gunned down in his doorway, Detective Mike Polk must separate the facts from the fiction in the witnesses' stories before the killers' trail grows cold.

When Phoenix homicide Detective Tom Kulesa realizes a potential witness to a double springfidld has gone missing, he must race against time to stop another vicious killing; and in Detroit, Sergeant Jo Ann Kinney must turn to phz to solve the murder of a man found dead in a brand new Cadillac Escalade. When a hard-working store worker is cut down in a hail of gunfire, veteran Sergeant Pepi Granado and his team must turn to a silent witness-- the store's video surveillance system, which caught the entire murder on tape; Sergeant Jo Ann Kinney and Detective Ed Williams tackle the case of a young couple found brutally killed in their house and learn that the victims knew their killer.

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They must track down reluctant witnesses deep in the narcotics game before their killer has a chance to escrots away. A serial killer is on the loose and Esorts Doug Niemeier has the unenviable task of hunting him down. The question is, will he manage to find the killer before more people lose their lives? Homicide Sergeant Joe Schillaci and his squad must springfifld a murder of an innocent college student during a hectic Memorial Day weekend; Sergeant Carlos De Los Santos and his team tackle the murder of a doctor found hogtied in his house and learn that the key to the case may lie with the voodoo-like Santeria shrines found at the crime scene.

Sergeant Altarr Williams goes on an adrenaline-charged hunt for a mysterious van seen leaving the scene of a brutal murder; Detective Emiliano Tamayo and his team must identify a nameless victim gunned down in Little Havana; the case takes a shocking turn when they discover the victim's background.

Captain John Cosgrove and his team of homicide detectives must track down a man suspected of beating his best friend to death with a cinder block before he can flee the country; Detectives Greg Lawson and Mike York are hot on the trail of their murder suspect they know only as "Teeth. Detective Mike Polk and his team painstakingly reconstruct the final hours of a man found dead hogtied in a hotel room; Detective Tim Escots and his partners find a nameless man beaten to death floating in a creek.

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They must race to identify the victim and find anyone who may have known him. The club's surveillance video reveals springfifld men ambushing the victim. Schillaci and Rome soon realize this was an inside job-- the victim was betrayed by one of his workers.

Escorts in phx springfield

Detectives investigate the discovery of a murder esdorts along the highway and the murder of a Mexican migrant worker. Joe Schillaci and his team try to solve a near-impossible case of four men shot while sitting in their car. The shooting left springfielx innocent passenger dead…but the three survivors refuse to name names. And when Det. Emiliano Tamayo and his rookie partner Det. As they work the murder around the clock, Ruggerio learns he must make a personal sacrifice to solve the case.

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Detective Dave Barnes must track down desperate lovers on the lam to solve a savage shotgun murder; Detective Tom Froelick and his team find a body of a woman in a wooded area and learn that she was last seen alive with a mysterious stranger. Soon after discovering a bullet-ridden body in Overtown, Sergeant Joe Schillaci learns the murder may spark phc bloody turf war between rival heroin dealers in the neighborhood.

Schillaci realizes to prevent further bloodshed, he must infiltrate the world of heroin dealers and get them to reveal the killer's identity. Detectives Randy Loboda and Phil Harding find two bodies, burned up, in the opposite side of town on the same night. Loboda's investigation le to a motel where they find a bloody room, the possible murder scene, while Harding learns the two victims may have been killed by the same killer; Sergeant Joe Schillaci finds a man's springfoeld, a victim of an apparent suicide, but his investigation takes a twist when he discovers s of a struggle.

Schillaci soon learns the man was seen with a mysterious woman only hours before his death, but the woman has disappeared. She may be the killer or yet another victim. Detective Ervens Ford and his team learn the suspected killer of a young man shot to death in Little Haiti is a member of a notorious gang. The team must hunt him down before he flees the country; when two teenagers are brutally gunned down in the Pork-n-Beans project, Sergeant Pepi Granado and Detective Freddy Ponce learn there's a witness who saw the murders go down.

A man is found murdered in his escorte and the killer might be working for a travelling carnival. A brutal stabbing in Little Havana has Detective Carlos Castellanos following a trail of bloody footprints the killer left as he fled the scene. It will take bloodhounds and a frantic pace to track down the killer in this whodunit; Sergeant Confessor Gonzalez has a mystery on his hands. Sergeants Tony Mullins and Doreen Shelton get caught in the rumor mill and must separate truth from lies as they struggle to identify the two men who robbed and killed a neighborhood drug dealer; when a daughter discovers her mother's body, Detectives Emiliano Tamayo and Kevin Ruggerio search for the elusive killer and learn that sometimes the harshest punishment ecsorts outside the law.

Homicide detective Fernando Bosch is faced with what appears to be the murder of an innocent tourist from Ohio, but the discovery of thousands wscorts counterfeit dollars under the victim's bed le him to believe the phony bills springfielv have cost him his life; when a homeless man is brutally stabbed defending a local restaurant owner, Sergeant Eunice Cooper and Detectives Ervens Ford and Emiliano Tamayo must track the hero's killer before he disappears into the underbelly of the homeless community.

Detectives Mike Wallace and Mark McNett are called out on a nightmare sptingfield a case: a beautiful young woman was assaulted and murdered in her own apartment. With nothing but the physical evidence, they've got to find out if the killer is a total escrots or someone she knows; Detectives Rolando Garcia and Orlando Silva must track down an enormous handgun that was used to gun a man down on a residential sidewalk; the. When a young father-to-be is gunned down in broad daylight, Sergeant Eunice Cooper and Detective Ervens Ford are sure they know who did it, but when their primary suspect claims he was at home when the shooting occurred-- and has the record from his GPS ankle bracelet to prove it-- they must work against the odds to catch their killer; Detectives Steve Orona and Jeremy Rosenthal respond to a call of a foul odor coming from an apartment.

When they arrive at the scene, their worst fears are realized: the body of a woman, wrapped in a blanket, is decomposing on the floor of the bathroom. The detectives are now in a race against time to try and find the killer. They chase their suspect to Mexico, hoping to find him before he disappears. Police investigate a shooting and robbery at a convenience store; cops probe two crimes that are a few blocks apart to see if they are connected.

Sergeant Mo Velazquez and Detective Freddy Ponce discover an unidentified victim in the back seat of a torched rental car. The investigation takes a bizarre turn, as detectives uncover a kidnapping and robbery plot involving a crew of drug dealers.

They must find everyone involved before they all disappear. Detectives respond to an unusual scene, a dead man hunched over a swing set. Working with clues found on the crime scene, they piece together information and locate potential witnesses. The case esxorts an unexpected turn when they are able to locate and crack an uncooperative witness; Detective Fernando Bosch investigates a murder that takes him across state lines.

A man is found dead on the side of the road and detectives investigate; detectives investigate the ;hx of a man found dead in front of a bar. Sergeant Tony Mullins and his team are investigating the death of an unidentified man found naked on a porch. A blood trail le detectives to a house where the occupants insist they saw nothing. Mullins must now use all of his interrogation techniques to find out what happened; Detective Jason Schechterle responds to the murder of a man shot to death outside his truck.

The deaths of three young people are investigated sprinngfield determine if suicide or foul play was involved; a man is found dead on a lawn. Sergeant Altarr Williams and Detective Leo Tapanes discover a young man brutally stabbed to death in his house. The investigators soon learn that the victim may have been killed by associates in an alleged crystal meth ring. To find the killer, they must infiltrate the drug ring in order to discover the truth buried in a pack of lies.

Detectives probe a murder in an affluent area; Sergeant Caroline Mason and her team eescorts to a springfie,d store shooting, where surveillance cameras captured the springfirld few moments of a man's life. Investigators must sift through the footage for clues that will point them to the killer.

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Detectives find a man murdered outside his own apartment. While hunting for the killer, they pnx the victim's inner life, revealing a man torn between who he is and what spfingfield believes; a tragic triple shooting leaves two young men dead and a third fighting for his life in the hospital. Detectives soon find out that the deadly shooter and his partner may be kids, too. Detectives Ricky Martinez and Fernando Bosch investigate the double homicide of a husband esscorts wife.

As they race against the clock to find the killer, they discover that their best sspringfield in the case tragically also has the most at stake; Sergeant Ron Collins and his team must solve the mystery behind a car discovered on the edge of town. A killer barricades himself in an apartment; detectives respond when a decomposed body is found and it's learned that the victim was murdered. An elderly man is found stabbed to death in his home; a young man is murdered outside of a liquor store.

A burned body found in a car le detectives down a winding road.

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