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This is an incomplete list of unsolved known and pd murders in the United Kingdom.

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It does not include any of the 3, or so murders that took place in Northern Ireland due to the Troubles and remain unsolved. Ina second person was tried for Jack's murder.

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As with the defendant, someone close to him escortd a connection to the man Jack had fatally stabbed in this case his girlfriend, who was the sister of that man was viewed as a motive, and he spent nearly 14 years in prison for the murder before his conviction was sktton in Aged 22 at the time of his death, Tony was a grandson of Winnie Johnson, mother of moors murders victim Keith Bennett, and had begun to ns into a life of crime within a few years of leaving school.

On 21 Januarythe 20th anniversary of the murder, police announced they were reviewing the case and hoped that advances in forensic analysis and DNA profiling would bring the killer to justice. In February a year-old man, of no fixed address, was charged with Rikki Neave's murder.

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At the trial, the other two accused, drug dealers from London one escotrs whom was the woman's ex-boyfriendclaimed that when the four of them and Katrina were in a house together to try to reach an agreement, the woman and her brother, with Katrina in tow, had left the house and said upon coming back that Katrina was dead, while the woman and her brother claimed it was the drug dealers who had done that. However, her brother did admit to having put the murder weapon down a drain in Peacehaven.

The drug dealers were found guilty of murder but their convictions were overturned on appeal in During the retrial, one of them admitted to a charge of sm imprisonment but was freed anyway because of time he had already spent in jail. A few minutes before the shooting, a grey 7 Series BMW car was seen alongside his and the police said that they were seeking to identify it.

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It was thought that the attack might have been a case of road rage or mistaken suttpn. The police also said that they found nothing in his background to suggest that he had been involved in any criminal activity.

Aylward's murder was featured on Crimewatch in July The incident was eutton on Crimewatch in July At the time of her death, Rachel was a sex worker and ina specialist police team was set up to revisit her murder along with the murders of other Middlesbrough women Vicky Glass and Donna Keogh. In DecemberRobert Dawes, a drug baron and former Sutton-in-Ashfield resident mms British police wanted to interview about Mr Draycott's murder, was handed a year jail sentence by a French court for drug trafficking and smuggling, among other offences.

In Februaryanother man who had been jailed for conspiring to rob the shop was charged with Brodie's murder, [] but failure to gather enough evidence against him led to escodts charge being dropped in late April of that year. Police searches for Brodie's remains at a farm and in a canal in Lincolnshire were in vain. One of the men he was with at that meeting — men who, like Litvinenko, had once worked for the KGB — was and still is the chief suspect; however, he has always maintained his innocence and furthermore has suggested that the poisoner may have been someone working for a British security agency.

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The other man has likewise denied that any part of the crime was his doing. Ina public inquiry into the year-old's death launched the year before concluded that Vladimir Putin Russia's president had "probably" approved the plan to kill him. A short while me, Jodie who was waiting for him further up the street and another person in her group received stab wounds.

The other victim survived but Jodie died in hospital, having alerted emergency services to the fact that she'd been stabbed by dialling and managing to speak to the operator.

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A year-old man tried in for her murder was acquitted of any wrongdoing, but four other men who had been in Stanhope Street when the stabbings took place were found guilty of violent disorder. Wikimedia edcorts article. BBC News.

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