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The best christmas songs of all time

The part where the guitar solo breaks through is particularly choice. Think nothing could be more festive than bells ringing out for Christmas? Tell that to Johnny Cash. This is a melancholy, Dickensian story about a little girl tolling those bells for her dying brother, with an eerily repetitive nursery rhyme melody. Not a mince pie in sight. Yet Las Vegas indie outfit The Killers are such rock music enthusiasts they go beyond pastiche with this hilarious, darkly comic Christmas song, in which eacorts serial-killing child fears the arrival of a vengeful Santa.

Singer Brandon Flowers voice reverberates with passion, the arrangement goes through all kinds of dramatic musical and time switches, and the narrative manages to be gripping and disturbingly hilarious.

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A real Christmas cracker with a nasty surprise. We all pray for white Christmases and then the country grinds to an abrupt halt at the first of a snowflake. Yet young British folk singer Laura Marling captures the blissful dream with this track, which is both a gorgeous ode to England's countryside blanketed in white, and a heartbreaking torch song. An adorable, but still classy, song to play as a distraction tactic on December 25th, when terminal velocity has been reached on the present-opening and pudding-scoffing.

It's a slow, powerful rendition and the musicianship throughout — from a band that featured Brian Ahern, Albert Lee, Rodney Crowell, with harmony vocals from Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson and Neil Young — make this one of the best country Christmas songs of all. Possibly the greatest Christmas record ever made, and certainly one of the most emotionally complex, containing all the hope, idealism and good cheer of the season, but with a undercurrent of bittersweet melancholy that vibrates in the heart.

Lennon employs all the standard elements, with simple rock 'n' roll chords, jingling bells, and ren's choir albeit led by his tuneless wife. It is hugely uplifting, yet Lennon's fretful "So this is Christmas, what have we done? Folk revival troupe Steeleye Span resurrected 15th century Latin hymn Gaudete pronounced Gow-day-tay and turned it into a top chart hit in Their version is a bracing, a cappella medieval jaunt, deed for kicking back with a pint of mead while your broword drips dry by the hearth.

The video, with children playing Buble and Menzel, is genuinely lovely. There's such vitality from the off that it sounds like it starts in the middle of a chorus. Inpretty much at the height of his fame, singer-songwriter John Denver released the slightly schmaltzy festive album Rocky Mountain Christmas. Do Californians get cold Christmases? A jolly festive ditty this is not. But Mitchell's River manages to sum up the feeling of escapism which can descend along with the annual Christmas paraphernalia — especially when there is nobody waiting under the mistletoe.

Remember The Darkness? The Queen-apeing glam-rockers in catsuits were pretty big in Well, this was their festive single from that year: a rambunctious, oddly catchy parody ahem, "Bells End"anchored by frontman Justin Hawkins's ature falsettos. The collaboration between Editors' frontman Tom Smith and We Are Scientists' guitarist Andy Burrows resulted in one of the most beautiful albums of When Bob Dylan was the great counter culture icon in the Sixties, no one could have imagined him producing such a jolly, exuberant version of a Christmas pop song ly covered by Mitch Miller and Tommy Steele.

Tremendous fun.

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It is a little difficult to believe that a heartbroken man would return to the same corner he first met his former lover Every Year, Every Christmas, but it is certainly romantic. One for love lost and gained under the mistletoe.

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Loretta Lynn, one of the great icons of country music, did her festive album, Country Christmas, inwith covers of old favourites such as Santa Claus Is Coming to Town and Frosty the Snowman. Lynn was from a talented musical family her youngest sister is Crystal Gayle and on her Christmas album she recorded a song by her brother Jay Lee Webb called Christmas Without Daddy, which includes the plaintive lyrics: "Christmas without daddy will be such a lonesome day.

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It's only when I hear the tinkling bells that introduce one of the most successful Christmas songs of all time that I really begin to feel festive. Mariah Carey's single, released in alongside the album Merry Christmas — a bestseller in the US — is everything you'd want from a warming festive pop tune: light, fun, upbeat, romantic, instantly recognisable and impossibly catchy.

It's a song that shows off Carey's effortless vocal range without being an over-the-top ballad. In fact, the melodies are so esccorts you might even think you can sing it yourself best not to try though — you can't top Carey. Christmas gets sexy.

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Her voice purrs with temptation, luring Santa down her chimney, promising all kind of unspoken treasures in exchange for filling her stocking with glittering goodies. As a jobbing songwriter, Nelson wrote this strange little lament inwhen it was turned into an overly dramatic weepie hit for Roy Orbison. Is it a memory of heartbreak overheard like a snatch of street sound caught in the wind, or just the cry of a poor fmale salesman being passed over by busy Christmas shoppers.

The golden age of the Christmas pop song was the Seventies and Eighties but this from the Danish girl boy duo is an overlooked gem.

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A retro rock 'n' roll waltz, swaggering with Fifties cool but overlaced with indie innocence and tender longing. Lovely enough to bring a warm glow to the coldest heart. There are countless versions of this defiantly upbeat Christmas classic, which was written in by Johnny Marks. But no list of Christmas songs would be complete with Bing Crosby.

This recording reached 14 on the US Billboard charts in Bob Geldof and Midge Ure's celeb-spangled charity mega-hit was certainly for a worthy cause, but musically it hasn't aged that well. A reliable floor-filler for the office Christmas party. It was released just months after Croce died, aged 30, in a plane crash, meaning an eerie sadness hangs from every gorgeous fingerpicked note. Attempting to be groovy at Christmastime is a risky business and usually best left to the embarrassing uncle clad in a festive jumper.

Plus, it has a chorus guaranteed to loosen up any stuffy Christmas party. The sound of the late-Eighties, Chris Rea's mellow piece of husky schmooze-rock was deed for steering-wheel finger-tapping while you're stuck in traffic. But the 'red lights all around' become as twinkly and festive as strings of fairy lights on a tree in Rea's cosy reflection on a familiar December experience.

The very nature of its annual existence — being sung, a few sherries down, on the brink of a new year — means few can recite the entirety of Auld Lang Syne. Thankfully American folk type Andrew Bird can, and how. Accompanied by jaunty ukulele strumming and a mischievous violin instrumental, Bird makes the traditional Hogmanay ballad sound distinctly warmer. John Prine wrote this beautifully contemplative song, for his album A John Prine Christmas, about a prisoner reflecting on his life during the festive season.

Asked about the lyrics, Prine told the Telegraph: "It's about a person being in a situation they didn't want to be in but I used all the imagery as if it were a prison.

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And being a sentimental guy, I put it at Christmas. Mother Monster's collaboration with the American singer may have bemused even her most hardened fans, but you would have to have a heart of stone not to melt at this Perry Como cover. Gaga, who was a member of her high school jazz band, brings bravado to her just-kooky-enough vocals and Bennett manages to smoothly match up. Did I Make You Cry : Best Christmas movies on Netflix. Releases by Wizard and Slade had the glam-rock trend covered, but the pick of the bunch was this breezy piano-pop stomper about embracing the Christmas spirit by an uncharacteristically sanguine Elton John watch him lark about with his band in the low budget video.

Fmeale before the Mumfords were peddling their plaintive banjo ball, Canadian singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot knew just how to conjure up earnest and catchy folk ditties. To a gorgeous lounge-soul backing, the American singer lays down a creamy gospel-tinged vocal, extolling the virtues of a Christmas spent carousing with that special someone.

Phenomenally, her gravelly vocals were recorded at the tender age of There's plenty of ksa mileage in how lonely Christmas can feel if you can't be with someone special. Time to crank up the volume on this bittersweet duet, then, with lyrics about being alone in the run-up to Christmas Eve.

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Eventually the cosy fireside guitar gives way to a rousing harmonised refrain, somehow heartbreaking and festive at the same time. A swooning lounge ballad of the type that the Carpenters were unbeatable at, you can almost hear the crackle of a oynn amid the twinkling xylophones and stirring strings. Gospel interjections from what sounds like a roomful of gnarly old bluesmen drunk on mulled wine adds a sense of seasonal spirit.

Showbusiness baby Grande frequently elicits comparisons to Mariah Carey thanks to her enormous vocal range. Snow In California is no match for All I Want for Christmas, although swap Carey's love interest for a meteorological impossibility and the sentiment is the same. Instead, this twinkly ballad is rich on breathy, effortless vocals for a chilled out festive celebration.

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Merle Haggard's Christmas song If We Make it Through December made it to one on the Billboard country singles chart despite being one of the most depressing festive songs of the Seventies. A few months after the album was out, he appeared on the cover esclrts TIME. Chris Martin comes closer than most with a big piano and strings anthem seeking cheer from heartbreak in the lights of Oxford Street.

Gondwanaland is the old name for the southernmost of two supercontinents that split apart around million years ago, back when the Earth was new.

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Spot the relationship metaphor! This song about snow, love and swirling fog feels like it was written for new beginnings. The voice of Brian Briggs soars over strings, fluttering guitar and piano and shaken tambourine bells, as sweeping and beautiful as an antique winter cloak. There's little festive imagery in this simple but moving country Christmas ballad, because for Nashville's Kitty Wells, the only thing that makes December 25 is her man.

We don't know when he walked out of femalf door, but it's fairly clear she's been lonely ever since and the days of a happy Christmastime are long gone. Sir Paul McCartney is basically the opposite of the grinch, and this top hit finds him in quintessentially jovial spirits. Played absolutely straight, sweet and reverent, this is a beautiful folk-rock take on the nativity told from the point of view of a humble shepherd and delivered with gentle, easy spirit from the greatest Americana band of them all.

This swing-tinged track comes from the honey-voiced Canadian's second Escortd album, simply titled Christmas. For those who have never heard Christmas Soul, Count Sidney and his Dukes point out that December 25th would not be the same without it. Noodling guitars and Count Rockin' Sidney's catchy refrain make it a persuasive argument. And what is a jingle horse?

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A decorated reindeer, of course. Growling over a woozy, bluesy late night piano, Waits vividly conjures up the image of a prostitute lying about her dream life in a letter to an old boyfriend. A bleary, heartbreaking reminder that for some people Christmas is the loneliest time of year.

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It's debatable as to which part of witnessing Mommy kiss Santa Claus is the most unfortunate: the fact that the best secret of Christmas has been revealed, or that there are problem's in the sprog's parents' marriage. But with Ronnie Spector's delightfully rasping vocals leading The Ronettes' gorgeous Phil Spector-produced wall of sound pop jaunt, it's hard to care. An unholy hymn to life at its rawest and most passionate, this isn't just a great Christmas song, it's a classic. Despite only being a minor hit upon its release, Christmas in Dixie is a favourite on country Christmas compilations.

Most Britpoppers were too cool for school to release a Christmas song, but it was a perfect subject for the sweetly nostalgic Saint Etienne in Tim Burgess from the Charlatans duets with Sarah Cracknell on a wistfully romantic but strange and Bobby Gillespie from Primal Scream turns up in the video. This cult Christmas track was originally a Pet Shop Boys fan club single. Please let me know if an escort is no longer working.

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