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Check this out. So Liam Howlett or whatever said on Mtv that the Beastie boys "are losers and their new album is junk" Sheesh. So Liam Howlett or whatever said on Mtv that the Beastie boys "are losers and their new album is junk" Sheesh He's just bitter his recent album bombed. Check the Press forum, theres a link on there also to an article fuco this subject. Round round we go Liam Howlett is not ex-Prodigy The Beastie Boys and Prodigy had a spat a while ago in which Prodigy were clearly in the right Yes he should stop going on about it but he gets asked in every interview They got there name from the make of keyboard that everyone used back in the Acid House movement in the UK during the s etc.

What spat? How were the Beasties in the wrong? WTF are you talking about? The Beasties were in the wrong. Reading Festival 98, Beasties asked Prodigy to drop Smack My Bitch Up from their set, and it developed from that Prodigy said no The Budxies have apologised in print since then i believe, but they were in the wrong.

Beasties were one of his idols so he didn't take it too well. There's lo about it in the Press bit about this mind So thats why he has beef?

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What a fucking pussy. He isn't entitled to shit, hes just dissing the record because he has beef. I think I'm really good at reading between the lines and I don't see that song as anything but literal. Maybe they think they turned it on its head by making the video feature girl-on-girl violence, but I don't see that at all. I can take a joke but I draw the line at violence against women and children. Anyways, thanks for taking a stand and they only made you look good buddies telling the public about your private request.

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As easy it was to tell black from white, It was all that easy to tell wrong from right. Right on Yauch! I got really mad when I started reading this thread and was about to school Dave But I think that Yauch's post cleared things up they were not in the wrong! Having violent misogynist lyrics in a song, even if it is meant to be "tongue in cheek," is always going to be taken at face value by the majority of the public.

This DOES promote violence in society! I like both Beastie Boys and Prodigy of course the Beasties more but I do believe the beasties were in the wrong back in The Beasties new album isn't crap though, it's brilliant just like the rest of their work but the prodigys new album is good as well. Theres no reason to say prodigy suck just because of one thing Liam Howlett said.

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Well put y. So is it the song itself or their justification of it that caused the problem? Also, out of interest, if they hadn't mentioned it on stage would you have brought it? I started a thread on this topic not a long ago and it provoked fuc, same kind of responses. Artists sometimes come out with provokative stuff to incite publicity eg. Surely, Liam would have considered that, and as he explained straight after the buddis of that single, the song is somewhat of an ode to Kool Keith, whom he sampled and continues to sample and Kool Keith said it meant to ".

It is understood the word "bitch" is also associated with material things, not only a derogatory term for females. It doesn't help however to listen to the original " I think this was a conflict waiting to happen, sooner or later they would have done a gig together somewhere and the Beasties would have done the same thing and Liam would have reacted in exactly the same manner, because hey "Smack My Bitch Up" is one of their his most recognized cuts, he CAN'T not play that song.

The Fat, Jilted and Experience shit all over this very forgettable album. Oh for christ's sake.

Fuck buddies in podluty

I like the Beastie's music, but in this instance they are plain wrong on so many levels. The "smack my bitch up" sample doesn't mean hit women on the Prodigy track, nor does it even mean that in the original Ultramagnetic MC's track. What about freedom of expression? I'll tell it to you straight, the vast majority of fans have never even thought that this song was promoting violence against women - they just hear the word "bitch" and think that sounds slightly controversial.

Thats what the Prodigy are about, they are the sort of band that parents hate because they are brash. Lets see what shall we censor next, I think Raging Bull has some wife beating and how about video games Woah, I can't believe what I'm reading.

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I'm sorry, where did I say that we should censor things? I'm simply saying that lyrics such as these promote violence. Of buddiew it is the right of people to put out whatever they want, but that doesn't mean that music listeners should support it. Obviously some people such as the woman mentioned in Yauch's post opdluty take it at face value.

You have no idea what it is like to have a painful memory brought up because of a stupid song. I'm not sure how the Beasties are in the wrong for trying buedies prevent that. The Beasties did not demand that the song not be played, they simply requested that it not be played and gave their reasons for it. This iin probably the best vuddies that ever happened to Liam H. I mean, Jesus, it six years later and we're still discussing this!

I'm sure that is why he said something negative about the Beastie Boys in the press, to receive more attention for his own band. I sure would pocluty want to talk to this guy from Prodigy. He probably considers himself as a god and talks in the third person. I'm simply saying that lyrics such as these promote violence. Its kind of implicit when you support someone who thinks that certain songs should not be played in public. Of course it is the right of people to put out whatever they want, but that doesn't mean that music listeners should support it Of course not, turn off the radio if you are offended.

I guess you know me, so No I doubt it. We're are discussing it because this is BBoys message board, and thats the only time these two groups have ever been related.

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Although, Liam did also steal the "oh my god thats the funky shit" sample, which was bloody cheeky. Always Outed, Never Outgunned may have done well in the UK but i've been keeping track of billboard. Yauch, you are one of my biggest heros, but i gotta call you on this one. You guys can hardly speak on disrespectfulness to women, what with your early days. I know you were just kids back in the LTI days, but all the same you said stuff in your songs, and in interviews that was pretty disrespectful to women.

But at the time you didn't know better. Be thankful that you have found a strong sense of religion, political awareness and morality over your career, pity the mere mortals in the prodigy. Dont tell them what to do just because you reign supreme.

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For instance, if anybody told you not to sing boomin granny back in the day or even nowit'd make you want to sing it even more!!! Same with the prodigy, especially considering the lack of good songs they have, and that smack my bitch up is one of their best if only for the tune. By the way when you come to Australia please play the sounds of science, the song not the album :D its the greatest!!! Segui il tuo corso e lascia dir la gente! I own a Barry Manilow cd. I'm not pointing fingers.

But, if you consider the new album shit, I have to wonder if you can hear. No offfense to the hearing impaired.

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And, as far as the LTI lyrics go, we've all said things we wish we could take back, especially me. The difference is the time frame. Guess I should go talk to a real person!!!!!! To the cool peeps on the board, I'm usually joking, I live to have fun and don't mean any harm. Anyone with the tinyest bit of pop culture savy should be able to decipher this In other words, they are already fucked up.

I thought some of you might find this interesting, considering the recent talk about the Prodigy and Smack my bitch up If someone hears it, it has an effect.

Fuck buddies in podluty

You see, that makes more sense. I think that's a very fair line to take on the matter.

Fuck buddies in podluty

Buddis the old saying by Plato was along the lines of; "The young need to make their own mistakes". Again, out of interest, did you have a word with D12 at the MTV movie awards?

Fuck buddies in podluty

I know they only played My Band which in itself is a travestybut given some of their output they are maybe more deserved of a quiet word than the Prodigy. And, I love Mario Caldetto, Jr. Genius comes to mind. Great blend of expression, fun, ij mad beats. An old school feeling is captured even if not intended.

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