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It's very important to help young boys with the challenges that they face and to have men in our schools is a very important way of doing that. The Howard Government said they wanted 12 extra men in our schools, Labor believes that thousands are needed, we've already allocated additional teacher education places in our Aim Higher strategy, today we are announcing initiatives that would provide pathways for those places for men coming through, particularly giving primary school teachers where the need is greatest.

We want to run promotions, campaigns, pathway approaches mentoring the boys themselves in years 10, 11, 12 and going through university to impress upon them the importance of teaching as a profession, the benefits that can arise for them to let them know that this flibt a valued profession where more men are needed. This really is the key, we've got additional teacher places being made available in our Aim Higher strategy we need to target boys who have an interest in teaching as they come through the later years flnit high school to give them every encouragement and focus on taking up this important profession and building up the jeed at the time.

We are also announcing as part of our national mentoring program the Buddy Up initiative which is deed specifically to encourage and x with community leaders, sports people, business people to be male mentors in our schools to ensure that boys have got sporting coaches, trainers, helpers who can provide friendship, mentoring, direction in their life.

At this school some of that has already buddy happening.

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Our funding initiative would make it more successful in buddy future, providing the all important training resources and encouragement for mentors to guarantee that all our young boys have got direction in their lives, have got men in their lives, and they can know the difference between right and wrong as fuc develop through the adult years. So it's a good policy, it's much better than the very minor initiative the Howard Government was talking about. They thought they needed to change the Sex Discrimination Act but even in the end that wasn't even necessary.

This is a real initiative by Labor to ensure that we have a substantial amount of men in our schools helping the fliny grow into better men themselves for the future and I'd just like Jenny, as our shadow minister for education to be able to make some comments. It's terrific to be here at Trafalgar Primary School to announce this initiative this morning inaudible. We also want to use the Buddy Up Program to encourage more d and grandd to come into schools to be part of the reading programs, sports, some of the arts programs that are byddy fantastic here at this school.

We've just met a terrific teacher here at this school, Ben, who's decided on a change of career from being a baker to being a primary school teacher and he is really a great demonstration of the sort of person that we want to encourage through our initiative today to come into our primary schools. MACKLIN: We want to get thousands more men into schools and the fact that we've created teacher education places in our universities over the next four years really demonstrates that we are serious about getting more men and ificant s of men into our schools.

We don't want to just do that, we also want to go into the schools and encourage older boys to think about primary school teaching in particular to show them what an exciting career it can be for them. So we do expect to see some ificant pretty quickly.

It's about encouraging d, grandd, community leaders to come in and be mentors in our schools both in our primary schools and in our secondary schools. There are some schools where I have seen this happening and it really is very exciting and both the mentors and the young people will say it's a life changing experience, especially for a kid that might have lost their way for a community leader to come in and be a friend, and be a buddy to say a year-old boy who is having a pretty tough time can be a very important thing and our Buddy Up Program is about encouraging those community leaders to come into our schools and be buddies to these young men.

LATHAM: In my area I provided some assistance to some young fellas, got them involved in a work experience program at a riding ranch in my electorate and that's had some benefits for them.

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I was the beneficiary of mentoring when I was young and I've tried to put a bit back in. So I am of course inaudible so wherever I can I try to help out around my own constituency and all of this awareness, it is the awareness of the good that can come from mentoring and encouraging community leaders notwithstanding their time constraints to do as much as they can helping boys with life skills, teaching them the difference between right and wrong. In guddy own experience it's remarkable how much you can achieve in a couple of hours, that talking through some of the issues and that makes the question of the difference between right and wrong and I won't go into all the detail but these young fellows seemed to improve pretty quickly and I think it's a great experience where you can mentor a young person and realise that you are really flimt some direction and nred to their life and adding some quality to our society.

Have you found out any information about that? What do you make of it? Is that sort of supposed dealings appropriate?

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They neef to the way in which the Howard Government might be operating and I think it is very important for the Prime Minister to give a full public explanation against these allegations. Did the meeting take place? When and where? What was said, what response did he make? He really does owe it to the Australian people to have all the facts out there for public scrutiny.

This matter is very serious. It would be for example be a serious breach of the tuck code of conduct at a minimum and more serious matters could flow and I think it is incumbent for the Prime Minister to give a thorough explanation to the Australian people. If these allegations are true it would be a horrific thing, a terrible way to run the Federal Government and that's why the Prime Minister's got to give a full and open explanation to the Australian people.

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LATHAM: We obviously want to hear from all the people who have been involved and mentioned today and then make a judgement, I'm not rushing in other than to say that the full explanation is needed. These are exceptionally serious allegations that need to be dealt with in an open way and the Prime Minister needs to give that explanation to the Australian public.

LATHAM: It would show misconduct of the most serious nature at the top of the Australian Government and that's why the Prime Minister has got to inaudible of the seriousness they deserve and very quickly give the Australian people all the information that might be relevant to this matter. It's hard to think of anything more serious than the allegations that have been levelled at the Prime Minister and that's why he's got to be open and frank with the Australian people as quickly as possible.

I think he needs a full explanation of what might have happened and to give all the details that are relevant to the allegations and matters that have been raised by John Laws. I know that the seriousness of these allegations, that's the important thing, the seriousness of these allegations that need to be dealt with. I don't think it's about the Monarchy or the Republic.

It sounds like it's a matter that's been playing on Mr Laws' mind for some time and he's gone public today, he's made the allegations and those who have been mentioned particularly the Prime Minister, or the Prime Minister in particular, has got to give that full explanation to the Australian people. LATHAM: That's for others to make a judgement but what you've just mentioned concerns the seriousness of the allegations that would be no way to run the Australian Government to be trading public and political support for Government appointments.

That is a matter that would go right to the integrity, the honesty, the confidence of the Howard Government and it's a measure of the gravity of this matter that should drive the Prime Minister to a very full and open explanation as soon as possible.

He needs to go beyond the statement, the very brief statement he issued earlier today, and be totally frank with the Australian people. Labor believes Mr Flint should go and not only that we have got a policy to merge the ABA with the ACA and of course that would lead to a different appointment in due course under a Labor Government. LATHAM: Let's just find out the facts of the matter and then we can make a judgement about what needs to be done from there.

But I am sure people are open and frank and until the Prime Minister gives a frank and full explanation to the people it is going to place a cloud over his administration, over his integrity, over his reputation. That is why he needs to act quickly.

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I said this yesterday we support the nefd and our argument is with the Howard Government and that is the way in which our comments have been cast. We support the troops; our argument is with the Howard Government on policy issues. And that is where our comments have been directed. Is that symbolic? We were talking about the Air Traffic Controllers and the troops involved in the search for weapons of mass destruction. That is what I mentioned yesterday and could only repeat what I said, that we have no argument with the troops.

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We have 2 support for the troops, our argument is with the Howard Government on the question of policy. And that is important to recognise, but we support the troops in the discharge of those tasks.

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And their work as professional soldiers is, of course in context is valuable, but we have no nede with the troops, the argument is with the Howard Government and that is where our comments have been directed. We made our comments yesterday and they stand in their own right and no-one should see them as anything reflecting any thing but support for the troops.

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They guck their tasks to discharge and our mention of symbolism if you like it is political symbolism. It is a critique of the Howard Government's policy and the political matters we have nothing but support for the troops. Do you think that is really what people want?

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We have been announcing our plans for good education, health services, work and family initiatives. It is very important indeed to support good services in the community and that has been stock in trade for the Labor Party and we will keep that up till the election day. It was news to me entirely so I didn't know anything about that letter or the promotion that you have mentioned. Site Search.

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